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I am a single, 60-something woman who has had an urge to write ever since I can remember.  When I was 15, I received my first journal as a birthday gift – it was simply a spiral-bound notebook – and have been journaling, writing and trying to figure out who I am using my words ever since.  Some days the words are there … frequently the feelings are present but the words aren’t keeping up with them.

I’m overweight (morbidly obese, according to medical standards).  I had bariatric surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) in September 2013. At my heaviest I weighed 340 pounds. Post-surgery my lowest weight was 220. I am now at 270 pounds and wanting to lose what I’ve gained and what I had hoped to lose. The surgery is a tool, and it continues to be useful and a reminder of the change I want in my life.

It’s an ongoing struggle, and I am determined to beat it.  This blog is a way of staying accountable and exploring why this is so hard for me to do.

I’m not entirely sure where this process will take me and perhaps you, the reader.  I’d be happy if you’d like to join me on this ride.

Updated 9/27/2017

1 Response to About Me

  1. Rich Leahy says:

    Your “About Me” statement is a raw and brutally candid assessment of yourself.
    I’m not sure about how blogging works, who has access and so forth.
    I don’t participate in Facebook and such, is your blog available to anyone?
    “Some days the words are there … frequently the feelings are present but the words aren’t keeping up with them”. I couldn’t have said that better, its as if your speaking for me, and the writing I’m attempting in my memoir.
    I shall delve into your blog further, I have read the current writing but should probably go back and start in chronological order. I am acquainted fully with the cathartic self exploration/examination and even self-pity process, it can be liberating at times and a tether to grief at others. I hope it is ultimately nurturing and healing for you, and not the albatross I have experienced all to often.
    The journey is as Frost opines, the road less traveled.

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